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Dual N-Back Training

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Dual N-Back Training is a professional brain training game. Unlike many other brain training exercises the dual n-back training has been shown to also have positive effects on other brain activities. This was confirmed by a number of scientific studies.Background
Swiss scientists (around Susanne M. Jaeggi) found in healthy adults that practicing challenging brain exercises (dual n-back) targeting the working memory at a daily workout time of 25 minutes over a period of 8 to 19 days lead to a statistically significant improvement in the results of a matrix test, which measures fluid intelligence – as compared to a control group, before and after the training.
An independent study conducted at the University of Technology (Hangzhou, China) has confirmed Jaeggi results. After students completed a ten-day training program – based on the dual n-back working memory theory – they scored much better results in Raven's Progressive Matrices.
A blue square is presented in a 3 x 3 grid successively at different positions. Simultaneously a voice reads a list of letters. The task is to notice when the current position of the square and / or a letter matches the one from two steps earlier in the sequence (n = 2).
With 90% correct answers the difficulty for the next block of the training session increases. Now you must compare position and letter with three steps earlier (n = 3).
Don't worry. If it gets too hard, the difficulty is also adapted to your current performance.So, you always train at an optimum level. Good luck!
• English and German speech• an adaptive difficulty level (1 ≤ n ≤ 21)• training sessions are the same design as in Jaeggi's study• detailed results after a session• supports any screen size and format• free of ads
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